At Newlife we believe disabled children should get the same chances and opportunities as other children.  They should be able to move around, meet friends and go to places they enjoy. But to do this, thousands of children currently need a wheelchair or specialist mobility equipment.  With the high cost-of-living having a severe impact on disabled households, many families feel anxious and worried as they just can’t afford the equipment their child really needs.

You can be the reason a child’s life changes forever. Please help us provide specialist equipment to over 500 children, bringing freedom, hope, independence and joy.

9 out of 10 of families won’t receive the vital buggies and wheelchairs they need without Newlife

How you can make a difference:

£25 could help fund a specialist buggy so a family can go to the park

£50 could bring joy to a child who needs a lightweight wheelchair they can propel themselves

£200 could help provide a powered chair so a young person can go to college

Learn more about the children and young people you will be supporting by donating to out Mobility Matters Appeal:

Read Jac's Story

Read Connie's Story

Read Finlay's Story

Your donation will go towards specialist, essential equipment which helps change the lives of disabled and terminally ill children across the UK and provide the chance of a better future.

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Jac’s Story

A new powered wheelchair has given seventeen-year-old Jac a new lease of life as with it he can be more independent. With the wheelchair Jac can change position from lying flat or sitting, to standing upright making him much more comfortable. The standing function also means Jac can be upright to join in activities and do so many more things for himself, giving him freedom and the confidence to make his life better.

Connie’s Story

Connie was diagnosed with Battens Disease aged three, and over the previous months, had developed seizures while losing the ability to walk or talk. Travelling to treatments was really difficult with the basic wheelchair Connie had. The wheelchair was too small, didn’t support Connie’s head and couldn’t recline to enable her to sleep or keep her comfortable during seizures.

Newlife was able to provide Connie with a specialist buggy so she can attend medical appointments and have as many visual experiences as possible, before her sight fades completely.

Finlay’s Story

16-year-old Finlay has Cerebral Palsy, and a visual impairment, so needs someone with him wherever he goes to keep him safe. His old wheelchair was causing him pain and the wheelchair was difficult for his mum to move, constantly getting stuck and suddenly pitching him forward.

With their local wheelchair services unable to offer anything suitable, Finlay’s mum, Alexa, turned to Newlife and was overjoyed when we were able to provide a wheelchair with motorised wheels, which gives Finlay the power to move himself at the touch of a button.