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Five-year-old Eunice has a rare and inoperable brain tumor on her spinal cord, and urgently needs a specialist car seat costing £3,382 to keep her safe and supported when she travels by car to her many medical appointments. 

Eunice is prescribed daily amounts of adult strength painkillers to combat high levels of pain. But she needs to travel around 400 miles each month for hospital appointments, hospice visits and to attend school – all in a high-street car seat which doesn’t provide enough support for her spine.

Her current car seat causes Eunice to lean to one side and slump forward, which risks blocking her airway and causes her more pain and stress. A specialist car seat would mean Eunice can travel safely and comfortably to and from her home in a small village outside Northampton. But specialist equipment is hugely expensive – and there’s no funding available for car seats from her local health or social care providers.

Now, Newlife the Charity For Disabled Children has stepped in with an appeal to help raise the £3,382 needed to provide Eunice with the car seat she so desperately needs. As the UK’s largest charity provider of specialist disability equipment in the UK, Newlife helps to change the lives of disabled and terminally ill children – but we need your help.


The specialist car seat experts have recommended for Eunice would provide all the extra support she needs. It also has a seat which twists out to make it easier and safer for me to lift her in and out and has a wedge so I can ensure she is in exactly the right position, which would be amazing as its increasingly difficult to transfer her in and out of the car safely. But specialist car seats are so expensive and with the current cost of living being so high it’s just impossible for me to afford.

Tracy, Eunice's Mum

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