Emergency Equipment Service

Free loan of emergency equipment

Newlife offers the free loan of equipment which can help children at significant risk of injury, and those in urgent need because of unstable life threatening/limiting conditions or terminal illness.

Our unique equipment services are designed and run by responsive professionals. We act on information received the same day, and aim to deliver equipment within 72 hours..

Families can contact the Newlife Care Service’s Helpline to find out if their child is eligible for an emergency loan of equipment through this unique service. While on loan the equipment is fully maintained, and once the loan period has ended (generally six months) we arrange for the equipment to be collected, before being clinically cleaned and tested by the supplier ready to be sent out again.

Six Steps To An Equipment Loan

  1. Call Newlife’s Nurse Helpline to find out if you’re eligible for the equipment needed.
  2. Read and complete the family application form.
    Please note: that Newlife may offer an Equipment Grant (instead of an Emergency Equipment Loan) if it is assessed to be a more appropriate response to the circumstances detailed within the application.
  3. Newlife will contact the named professional specified to confirm equipment specification and plans for assessments of long-term needs.
  4. Newlife may need to contact the family and supporting professional to gather additional information. Quality of information can directly impact on the timeframe for provision.
  5. Upon receipt of the professional support form, the Child and Family Support Team will confirm the urgency of need.
  6. Newlife will inform you if your application for an Emergency Equipment Loan is successful and the timescales for supply in addition to the loan end date.