Stingray size 2 – The Stingray has postural support and a unique swivel action for forward/rearward facing options, tilt in space 45 degrees, 180 degree turntable seat, foldable and suitable for transport.

Backrest height 50 – 65 cm
Seat width 35 cm

Seat depth 25 -40 cm

Seat to footplate 14 – 45 cm

Weight capacity  48.5 kg (107 lbs)

Comes with a hip strap and neoprene waistcoat vest with a 4 fixation strap.

Accessories are available upon request such as Oxygen holders and ventilation trays. These buggies require a personalised set up to meet a child’s postural needs.


Please have a look at the etac page to show the Stingray features!