Help Us Give More Children The Gift Of Play!

Newlife offers the free loan of specialist toys to families who have disabled and terminally ill children.

Play is such an important part of a child’s life, helping them to develop key skills, distract from pain and help the whole family bond, but families don’t always know which toys their child will respond to, or which ones will help them the most, which makes it hard for them to choose the right toys for their child – especially as they can be so expensive – but Newlife provides a free Play Therapy Pod service which can be such a weight off parent’s mind in the current cost of living crisis.

Newlife has a range of pods available to suit different aged a developmental needs – but the amount of pods is limited, and there can be a waiting list to receive them, which is why Newlife has launched their Christmas campaign to help fund more pods, so even more children can receive Play Therapy Pods when they need them most.

One child who recently received a Play Therapy Pod from Newlife is Gabriella-Jayne Cutler, from Telford, Shropshire, was born with achondroplasia, often known as dwarfism, which affects most aspects of her life. With shortened arms and legs and smaller hands, poor core and little neck control that means she can only hold her head up for short periods, it means even finding joy in play was difficult – until she received the right specialist toys.

Since being provided with a Play Therapy Pod from Newlife, nineteen-month-old Gabriella has been able to sit up properly by herself for the first time and even play with her older brothers, Ben, Alex, and Samuel.

Over the last ten years, Newlife has distributed over 9,000 Play Therapy Pods to disabled and terminally ill children all across the UK, with each pod costing between £400-500, but each capable of helping a huge number of children. With your support, Newlife will continue to give the gift of play to more children throughout 2023 and beyond.

If you know of a family that needs a Play Therapy Pod please ask then to visit to download a form.