Home Saftey For Your Disabled Child

If your child has any kind of disability then keeping them safe at home may be more of challenge than your standard safety proofing, but help is at hand with a vast amount of products to meet your particular needs.

At Newlife we hear that ‘escaping’ can hold a particular fascination for many children, so window and door locks can be invaluable and alarms can even be added for extra reassurance. Locks can also be added to cupboards used to store medications and toxic cleaning substances – and anything else you need to keep out of reach. Find out more here.

Covers for light switches and the whole of a plug socket can be fitted to stop them being tampered with to stop potential injury or electrocution, or the cooker being turned on at the wall. You can also get covers for thermostats and controllers so they can’t be accessed. View cover options here.

Although you can have toughened glass installed, this can be expensive, but glass safety film can be applied so if a window is broken, it holds together in one piece for easy removal, instead of smashing everywhere, causing a potential hazard. At Protecta Screen they sell the safety film as well as sill protectors to prevent injuries from any falls on to them too. Click here to find out more or alternatively a number of shatterproof glass safety film can be found on Amazon.

For children with a water fascination, tap straps can be added to prevent hem being turned on and potentially flooding areas or creating a risk for drowning. Click here or here for product options. 

When it comes to injuries sustained by falls in the home you can help prevent injuries with soft flooring such as foam mats laid in areas where a child might be particularly as risk of falling. Tables and other furniture with sharp corners can also be fitted with furniture edge protectors to keep large areas safe. Click here to find out more or for something more bespoke click here

If you do have a particular issue you can’t find a solution for then Remap is a charity which may be able to help as they custom make equipment for issues that don’t have a commercially available solution. For more information visit www.remap.org.uk