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This Christmas, your donation could make a huge difference to the lives of
disabled and terminally ill children – children just like Scarlett, who was born with
Cerebral Palsy.
Scarlett, aged 22-months-old, is unable to walk, cannot sit up by herself and has
painful muscle spasms and daily seizures. Her high-street buggy was
uncomfortable and not supportive enough as her head would fall forwards when
she had a seizure and she would often flop to the side, unable to get into a safe
or comfortable position.
Scarlett often became upset and distressed due to this discomfort and it left both
her and her parents finding it difficult to go out of the house – even just for a
simple walk.
This Christmas, things will be different for Scarlett and her family as Newlife were
able to provide them with a specialist buggy, one which has already made a
huge difference to their lives.
Now, the family can go to appointments and nursery, safely and comfortably.
Scarlett’s mum, Alicia, said: “The specialist buggy from Newlife has made such a
huge difference to our lives. We’re so thankful to Newlife, I don’t know what we
would have done without their help.”
This Christmas, you can help transform the lives of children just like Scarlett.
Your donation is the most important gift you’ll give this Christmas…