“The research of today is the treatment of tomorrow”

Professor Michael A Patton (Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder)

Newlife’s investment in pioneering medical research provides real hope for the future. We have invested more than £16million in over 300 individual projects at more than 80 research institutions across the UK. Over 50 disease causing genes have now been identified and Newlife is funding projects into new treatments. Newlife’s ten-year medical training programme has helped over 60 students get an insight into the world of research.

Newlife has an active research programme with applications being funded throughout the financial year, relevant to the aetiology, prevention and treatment of Birth Defects. We are working to improve the lives of children and families in the UK by focusing on conditions which cause lost pregnancies, brain malformations, organ defects, syndromes and loss of sensory or physical ability, as well as syndromes and disorders which affect thousands of children every year, affecting ability and shortening young lives.

Newlife Birth Defects Research Centre

The Newlife Birth Defects Research Centre was opened at the Institute of Child Health in London, by HRH the Princess Royal, in 2012. It is Europe’s biggest centre dedicated to research into birth defects, which is the number one threat to child health in the world today.

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