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A staff member from a Cannock charity showed real commitment last week when he took to the skies to do an amazing wing walk – all to help disabled and terminally ill children and their families.
As a Sales Assistant for Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children at the Newlife Plus store based in Cannock, Robin Barron, knows how important it is for disabled children to have the right equipment to keep them safe, free from harm, provide opportunities for freedom and independence and fulfil their potential. So, determined to help, he signed up for a wing walk with all sponsorship going to the charity.
“I wanted to do something that was a real challenge and doing a wing walk meant I was the first person to do that for Newlife,” said Robin, aged 31.
“I was definitely nervous to start with, it was like being on a steadier version of a rollercoaster – but I was strapped in up there for about 13 minutes so afterwards my legs felt very achy!
“It was an amazing experience and can’t believe I have done it – but I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, now I have a certificate for doing this, it means I can do it again, but next time with a loop the loop. That might have to wait until next year though!”
Robin believes he’s on his way to achieve £800 of fundraising for Newlife, which he says is a ‘great feeling’.
“If anyone is thinking about fundraising for Newlife I would definitely tell them to go for it, it’s an amazing thing to know that you are changing the life of a child.”
Sally Insley, Newlife’s Head of Public Fundraising, said: “I’m so proud of Robin. He really has gone the extra mile in doing this Wing Walk to raise funds for Newlife.
“Because of Robin, and the generosity of fundraisers like him, it means a child may be able to take his first steps thanks to a walking frame, sleep through the night without the risk of harm because they have a specialist bed, or have the freedom to leave their home in safety because they have the buggy or wheelchair they need.
“Every penny raised is a penny closer to helping a child in need.”
If you’d like to take part in one of our adrenaline challenges, call Sally on 01543 468 888 or email