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Make your legacy count and change a child’s life today

October is Free Will Writing Month and while making a Will isn’t something most of us want to think about, it is a good reminder to take care of one of those ‘life admin’ processes that we all need to do. Not only will this provide peace of mind and ensure that your wishes are followed in the future, but it can also protect those you love and leave them with cherished memories of you.When you make your Will you may also wish to consider leaving a legacy gift which can make a real difference in your name. To leave such a gift to Newlife would mean you can help a child in need of specialist equipment for many years to come, allowing them to be safe, to enjoy an improved quality of life and allow them to live their life to the full and pursue interests, hobbies or educational courses they may not be able to without the right equipment.

Your gift might be able to help a child like Jac, who at 16 received a specialist wheelchair that allows him to raise himself up from sitting to a standing position, which gave him the freedom and independence to attend college and make plans for his future.Newlife also keeps a suite of specialist equipment including beds, buggies and hoists which can be loaned to children who find themselves in urgent need of specialist equipment to meet their medical needs – if they don’t have the equipment at home they need in order to be released from hospital due to health and social care waiting times, or because their medical needs change and the family find themselves in crisis – children like Roman.Due to his medical conditions one-year-old Roman can’t sit up, crawl or roll over unaided, so although he wants to sit upright and see the world around him whenever he was in his standard high street buggy, it didn’t provide the support necessary. This meant Roman slumped to one side – making him very uncomfortable and risking long-term damage to his joints and muscles. As his family faced a wait of more around a year to receive a specialist buggy from their local health and social care services, the family turned to Newlife to bridge the gap with the emergency loan of a specialist buggy to meet all his needs and safely take him to medical appointments and into their local community as well as protect him during seizures.

Newlife’s free online Will writing service is quick and easy to complete. We work with an expert partner, Guardian Angel, which ensures your Will is legally binding to give you peace of mind that your affairs are in order. There is no obligation to leave a gift to Newlife in your Will, but we hope you may consider it once you have taken care of your loved ones. Your gift could make a world of difference, transforming the lives of disabled children and their families.
If you would prefer to make your Will by telephone or in person, please call the Guardian Angel team directly on 0800 773 4014. The Guardian Angel Wills team will arrange this for you. Remember to quote NEWLIFE-FREE when you call.
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