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With the year coming to an end many of us will be focusing on what 2024 has in store for us – but it’s also an opportunity to take stock, make changes and let things go that we no longer need, or do all those things that have been put off. It’s also a good time to consider how we can help others over the year ahead and beyond too.

However good intentions often fall short, particularly when faced with everyday obstacles such as not being sure where to start, or even knowing if our efforts will even make an impact. But helping Newlife couldn’t be easier and by doing so you will be providing a child with the specialist equipment they desperately need just to do the things many of us take for granted.

Having the right equipment can transform lives – not just for the child that needs the equipment, but for their wider family too. Equipment such as buggies and wheelchairs means a child can leave their home safely and have the independence they crave, while medical beds mean they can come home from hospital and be cared for by their loved ones. Specialists car seats give a range of extra support so children can travel safely and comfortably, and hoists mean they can safely transfer from one piece of equipment – without having to rely on parents or carers to carry them, which often puts their own physical wellbeing at risk.

Equipment also allows children to improve their quality of life and develop new skills. Whether this is learning to sit up, take first steps, or try a sport such as disabled basketball or football, it allows them to thrive, to embrace a life they thought was out of reach. Or, sometimes, when a child has a life limiting condition or is terminally ill, it allows a family to make memories together they can treasure forever.

Families turn to Newlife for help because they can’t do it alone. But to help them when they need it the most, we need your support, especially at a time when applications to all our services has increased, and in some cases doubled.

Your support of Newlife is vital and we make it as easy as possible to support us. Although a donation is always impactful and appreciated by Newlife and the families it helps, it’s only one way in which you can support disabled children. There are many fundraising events throughout 2024 that you can take part in to raise funds through sponsorship – which may also help you tick off some bucket list items too. These include runs such as the Great North Run and the Cannock Chase Running Festival as well as trekking along Hadrian’s Wall and even to Machu Picchu in Peru or climbing Ben Nevis at Night. If you’d rather take part in something a little less active, then our Sparkle Day in March is ideal – take a look here for more information.

If you don’t see an event you want to take part in, you can always decide to do your own, whether that is harnessing your crafty side and making things to sell, hosting a pub quiz or taking part in an experience you have always wanted to do but adding an element of fundraising. Whatever you choose, Newlife is on hand to support you through every stage, cheering you on to success.

All you need to do to help change a child’s life is take that first step and contact the Newlife Fundraising team at