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Brand new school uniforms offered to schools and organisations for families

Newlife is offering items of brand-new uniform to schools, organisations, and other charities to help families most in need.

The charity currently has 12,000 items of uniform to give away, including black and grey trousers and skirts, jumpers in a mixture of colours, white shirts and dresses in red, blue and yellow.

Newlife raises vital funds for its charity services to provide specialist equipment and support to disabled and terminally ill children across the UK by working with over 300 leading retailers and manufacturers across the UK and Europe who donate items that would otherwise be destined for landfill across its 10 stores.

However, instead of selling uniforms across its stores, Newlife has already partnered with education recruitment agency, Smile Education who have already begun collecting uniforms to take to schools within the network they supply agency staff to –but Newlife is also urging other schools to come forward for bundles of uniforms, as well as organisations such as church groups and other charities, such as those directly helping families fleeing domestic violence or families who may be homeless.

Each uniform bundle is made up of 25 items with mixed age bottoms and/ or tops for ages under 12 and then age 12 plus.

Carol Simpson, Head of Retail Stores for Newlife Stores, said: “Our generous stock donors have provided a huge amount of school uniform items which we are able to offer to organisations who can provide it directly to families who are most in need, not only now, but throughout the school year.

“We know that family finances are being stretched more than ever, and that circumstances can change quickly, leading to a family needing to replace school uniforms when they just don’t have the funds to do so. We hope that by giving this stock away we can help those families most in need, so they have one less thing to worry about.

All items are available on a first come first served basis and those applying for bundles will need to email stating whether they want a senior or primary bundle, preferred colours and how many bundles of tops, bottoms, or dresses they would like.