Newlife Charity Press Statement


We are pleased to see the government putting the needs and aspirations of disabled people at the forefront today with its commitment to introduce Personal Wheelchair Budgets (PWB)*.

Newlife particularly welcomes the announcement today, having been part of the NHS national steering group that put forward recommendations for a less bureaucratic and more accessible system, as it will result in 70,000 disabled children in the UK, who are in need of wheelchairs or specialist pushchairs having a legal right to request a PWB.

As the largest charitable provider of specialist equipment across the UK, we see first-hand the impact on the families of disabled children, having to navigate what is an extremely complex system involving health, social care and education in order to access support and specialist equipment.

At the heart of PWBs is a commitment to increase choice and control for those accessing wheelchair services, and aims to offer a more accessible, inclusive system that meets the holistic needs of disabled children and adults ahead of budget constraints and restrictive criteria.

Newlife will continue to support families in understanding their legal rights and campaign to ensure that every disabled child has right equipment at the right time.


*part of the government’s wider commitment on Personal Health Budgets.

We work together every day to make a difference and create a better future for disabled children.

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