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Respite and short breaks to help the whole family

Respite care or short breaks can be an essential part of caring for your disabled child, not only allowing you time to do other things and spend quality time with other children in your family, but also have vital time to rest, relax and recharge so you can tackle everyday life at your best, all while knowing your child is safe.

Respite, sometimes known as short breaks, can be taken in many forms and can be a regular part of your life, providing help at home during the day, evenings or weekends, or can be taken as a break for a few days or even longer while a carer is away or if someone is ill. While day care for your child can include someone in your home to help, care away from home is also an option and that can include organised activities for your child. It means they can enjoy a change of scenery, meet new people and have fun in a safe environment.

Overnight care can also give respite, either at home or somewhere else, providing an opportunity for you to have some leisure time or so you can sleep. Residential breaks can also be taken by your child at hospices and residential homes, which are equipped to manage your child’s needs. Respite options available can vary by area, but you can find your local offer by contacting your local council.

Getting support

Your local authority can also assess your needs and your needs as a parent carer and this can be arranged by asking for a needs assessment from social services. To find out what’s in your area click here. You just need to add in your postcode to be taken straight to what’s available in your area.

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Those in Scotland should click here for information.