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Your chance to make your voice heard about disabled children

Newlife’s Public Affairs and Campaign Manager, Matthew Jackson, has been extremely busy with our Fight For Our Future Campaign recently. And now with the General Election fast approaching it’s more important than ever that we get a government that will place disabled children at the top of their agenda.

Here, Matthew gives his thoughts on why it’s so important that families with disabled children get involved to make their voices heard.

“During a General Election campaign, we see political parties on all sides pledge what they would do to tackle the big issues facing the country if they are able to form a government.

At Newlife, we passionately believe disabled children should be a top priority. As our new campaign, Fight For Our Future, reveals – it has never been more difficult for disabled children to receive the essential support they need, especially for specialist equipment.

“Disabled children today are paying the price for a chronic shortage of paediatric professionals, a lack of coordination between health and social care services, and extortionate waiting lists of up to three years!

“The difference that a proactive and ambitious government could make in tackling these issues is indescribable for the disabled children and families who face this fight each and every day.

“We have worked alongside a number of charities and organisations in the sector to propose a series of cost-effective measures which government should take to demonstrate this ambition and give disabled children the support they deserve.

“This includes establishing a dedicated Minister for Disabled Children, implementing a maximum wait time for paediatric Occupational Therapy assessments, and issuing clear guidance outlining what equipment can be provided and which team this responsibility lies with.

“These measures do not require vast sums of money – rather, the barriers are largely political. However, this is not an acceptable excuse for inaction for those facing the seemingly endless battle for basic support which many of us take for granted.

“Beyond the General Election, we will ensure that the challenges facing disabled children are raised at the very heart of decision-making and call on Members of Parliament to implement the changes which are urgently needed.

“However, we cannot do this alone. We ask that you share our campaign with your local candidates and ask what they would do to ensure disabled children are a priority. You can view your candidates here.

“We also ask that you sign our petition to send a strong message that inaction is not acceptable and share this with friends and family – you can do this here

“With your support, we can end the fight for the future of disabled children.”