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The Child and Family Support Team is the heartbeat of Newlife it’s the first point of contact for all families and professionals and where updates on applications and services can be given. It’s also where the charity discovers what families need the most – leading to new services and even campaigns at government level.

With more disabled children in the UK than ever before, there are a variety of ways Newlife can help families with disabled or terminally ill children and the team work tirelessly to ensure families receive the support, information and equipment they need.

Equipment Grants

Equipment Grants: Newlife can provide a wide range of specialist equipment for everyday life, from seating, car seats and buggies to standing frames and beds and much more. Our equipment grants can improve child health, reduce risk of significant injury and pain, support delivery of care, help children achieve independence and enjoy all possible childhood experiences.

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Emergency Equipment Loan service

When a child is at significant risk of injury or equipment is urgently needed due to an unstable, life threatening condition or terminal illness, Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan service can quickly provide a short term loan, usually of six months.

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Play Therapy Pod service

A free 12 week loan of specialist toys are provided for disabled and terminally ill children through Newlife’s Play Therapy Pod service. There is a wide range of different pods to meet a child’s age, physical and learning abilities. A variety of toys packed into each pod, all thoughtfully compiled by a play therapist to help meet specific needs.

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Nurse Helpline

An invaluable resource for families, experienced nurses are available from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, to provide support and information tailored to your needs.  As well as helping you access all Newlife’s services, they can also provide information about specific conditions, including those that are rare or complex, your rights, any benefits you may be entitled to, how to access national and local statutory and charitable services. The nurses also as offer non-judgmental emotional care and support.

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