Equipment Grants Service

Funding For Vital Specialist Equipment

Newlife provides a wide range of essential specialist equipment such as beds, buggies, wheelchairs, seating systems, and much more. Our equipment grants can improve a child’s health and quality of life, reduce risk of significant injury and pain, as well as support delivery of care – while enabling childhood experiences and encouraging independence.

Process For Equipment Grant Application

What information do I need for my application?

  • An assessment for the equipment that is being requested from Newlife needs have taken place before you apply.
  • At the assessment you need to request a quote from the supplier and state that you are applying for charity funding.
  • Following the assessment and being given a quote, you must speak to an appropriate professional that is actively involved in your child’s care who will be willing to support your application.
  • The professional will need to provide a supporting letter which contains the following information.
  1. Childs Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Confirmation of diagnosis/ condition (or suspected)
  4. Why the equipment is being requested and is it considered urgent.
  5. What difference will provision of the equipment make to the child.
  6. Full confirmation of specification and costings (this will be found on your quote please share with your professional.
  7. Has a funding request been made to statutory service/ other charities and what was the outcome.

Once you have gained all of the information above you will be ready to complete the application form below.

If you require any support with the pre application and application process, please contact the nurse helpline:

Freephone 0800 902 0095
Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm


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SNUGS from Carebase and Voyagers from Safeplaces now available to grant

Apply Online Now!

If you feel one of these car seats is suitable, families must apply with professional support advising which one is suitable for their child. We will not require a quote if you feel one of these items is suitable. If you feel none of these are, please liaise with a supplier to gain an itemised quote.