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A specialist buggy will mean the Lawrence family, from Little Clacton in Essex, will be able to make the most of the summer sunshine this year.

Ten-year-old Harry Lawrence is due to take delivery of a specialist buggy at the end of May.

Harry has Fragile X Syndrome, ADHD, Mannose-binding Lectin deficiency affecting his immune system and hypermobility which impacts on his lower limbs. He is able to walk short distances, but needs wheelchair support as he tires easily. But, says mum Louise Lawrence, because of his behavioural and sensory processing difficulties this isn’t suitable for getting him out and about into the local community.

She said: “Harry has complex needs both physically and mentally so what we need is a specialist buggy to meet Harry’s mobility and safety needs but also to help reduce his anxiety.”

She added: “He is a patient at Addenbrookes Hospital and may be required to wear a hip brace, so a posturally supportive buggy will be key to his medical care needs. Harry is not able to attend school, but has one-to-one support two mornings a week. The buggy will be used by the family and his support workers on a daily basis and make it easier to get him out into the community as well as aid regular trips to the hospital – its recline feature means he can be in a more relaxed position, which isn’t possible with his wheelchair.

“The buggy will make a huge difference and benefit him in many ways.”

The wide wheelbase will help prevent Harry from turning the buggy over –
“He is quite erratic so it needs to be able to cope with his meltdowns” –
and its enclosed canopy and front tray will help him feel more secure. “Harry will be able to hide behind the canopy so he doesn’t have to directly face the world, which will help him deal with being out.”

Louise added: “Because of his behaviour he hasn’t been going out much recently; but now we are getting the buggy – and the weather is improving – we will be able to just go whenever and wherever we want.”

This equipment has been funded through Newlife’s partnership with Genetic Disorders UK.