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Staff from Jiraffe and Jenx Ltd took part in the Yorkshire Warrior mud and obstacle race in April to raise vital funds for Newlife. A team of 18 staff, dressed in matching dual-branded Jenx and Newlife T-shirts, took on the challenge as part of their charity partnership with Newlife.

The company is raising funds for an exciting new addition to Newlife’s Play Therapy Pod range. The new inflatable pods will incorporate tactile, visual and audible elements into an inflatable structure that can very easily be put up and down. The first ever inflatable pods are set to be ready later in the year, with Jiraffe and Jenx Ltd playing a vital role in making it possible.

At the time of writing the team have raised £2,351 through the Yorkshire Warrior challenge, which adds to further funds they have raised through other activities, such as a volunteering event at their Sheffield offices, our unique sparkle parties and a doughnut day. You can still sponsor them at