Here To Help – In Ways You May Not Know

With the cost of living seemingly spiralling out of control, don’t forget that Newlife is here to help in a number of ways you might not even realise!

You can apply for more than one grant each year and more than once piece of equipment at a time. For example, if you have two children who both need specialist buggies, you can apply for a buggy for both children. Similarly, if your child is coming out of hospital, they may need a range of equipment to meet their safety needs, such as a specialist hospital style bed, a buggy capable of carrying equipment such as oxygen and a car seat to support them properly on journeys.

If you need equipment but aren’t sure if we can help, or what type of equipment you need then contact Newlife’s Child and Family Support team, either by phone or email, to talk about your child’s equipment needs. Grants for a wide range of equipment are available, and if the situation is urgent, we may be able offer the emergency loan of equipment. Even if we can’t help you directly, we might be able to sign post you to another organisation that can.

The Child and family support team can also support families with a wide range of information, ranging from support services in your area to benefits you may be entitled to – which is sure to be a big help to many families right now! You can call 0800 902 0095 to speak to Newlife Nurses.

Specialist toys can be expensive, so buying something you have high hopes for that your child simply isn’t interested in can be a costly mistake few can afford. However, Newlife’s Play Therapy Pod loan service is a great way to try specialist toys before your buy, so you can buy in confidence knowing your child will respond to it and find it beneficial.

Each Play Therapy Pod is packed with a variety of different specialist toys that have been carefully curated by a play specialist – and there are different pods to choose from, depending on your child’s age and abilities. Best of all, if a pod doesn’t suit, you can ask us to pick it up and apply for a different one. Visit to find out more about the service and download an application form.

Newlife has ten stores across the UK that sell brand new items donated from High Street stores which are then sold at rock bottom prices. As well as four stores across Staffordshire, there are also stores in Market Drayton in Shropshire, Yeovil in Somerset, Yardley in Birmingham, Moreton in The Wirral, Newport in Wales, the latest store to open in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, and you can also shop at Newlife online at so you can snap up bargains at rock bottom prices wherever you are.