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This Mother’s Day we celebrate the joys of being mum to a disabled child

As Mother’s Day approaches, mum’s – and anyone in a mothering role – are being celebrated for the love, support and care they give so unconditionally. But being the mother of a disabled child can also bring with it so many more complexities, fears, unknowns and, of course, joys, as this unexpected path is navigated.

One mum, Sian Lawrence, whose daughter Amelia has been helped by Newlife and was the star of Newlife’s 2023 Christmas campaign, shares her thoughts as she celebrates her first Mother’s Day as a mum of two.

Two-year-old Amelia, who is the only recorded person with her unique genetic sequence, became a big sister when baby brother Atlas was born last autumn. Amelia’s condition has resulted in her being partially sighted, being unable to sit up, walk or crawl. But despite doctors believing she would never speak, she now says a few words, including mum, dad and hello.

Sian said: “There are so many words to use to describe how amazing it is that I am Amelia’s mother. I feel lucky every single second of each day knowing that she chose me to forever love and protect her.

“Being her mother is the very best, she is my sunshine. She is so calm and gives the best cuddles, each time we cuddle I always get a big smile – she is so pure.

“Being mother to Amelia, with all her complexities, has made me stronger. I will always fight every obstacle that comes in our way and, believe me, they never stop!

“I have learnt so much being a mother to a disabled child; the charities that support in various ways are life-changing and the friendships we are making along the way are unique and having those similarities really helps.

“Amelia’s smile and laughs are infectious and makes my heart so happy. She makes any tough day easier because of every fight she has been through, with surgeries and long stays in hospital, she still laughs and smiles through it all.

“Amelia is full of personality; she is very cheeky with her sense of humour and babbles a lot every day and my favourite is her saying ‘mum’. Every milestone Amelia achieves is so wonderful and I am always so proud of her.

“She is a big sister now and her baby brother Atlas loves her so much. Their bond is magical and it’s extra special watching them play and grow together. They calm each other and Atlas loves holding her hand and she’ll always smile, and they babble together.

“I love my family of four and their father Callum is the best support, and we always work as a team.

Amelia is a true daddy’s girl, so she lights up when he’s home from work and when they get daddy and daughter time.

“I feel lucky to have so much support from everyone that is close to us and the love I feel as their mother is unconditional.”